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10% at TGE, 3 month cliff, 4.5% per month vested linearly

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3 Billion

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1 $APP = $0.0067

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Injective Ecosystem

What is Moon App ($APP)

Introducing Moon App - a fast growing launchpad app with 250,000+ users built on Injective.

Moon App integrates a launchpad, tools for MEV, sniping, and on-chain limit orders.

Moon App is a holistic on-chain ecosystem:

  • Keyless: easy non-custodial crypto access for the world
  • Toolkits: all DeFi functions, with a click of a button
  • Advanced: MEV, trading, even options, in an app

All of this, now on Injective - plus the most adopted retail launchpad ever.

At Moon App’s current growth + easy channels for retail adoption across Apple & Android stores, Moon App is on track to:

1M+ users by end of Q1 next year
10M+ users by end of 2024

And Injective is the perfect partner for this mission.

Moon App Features

Moon App is a next-gen launchpad & trading product on Injective, available for mobile retail users on Android and iOS, as well as a native Desktop Terminal.

  • Sandwich (frontrun) DEX trades
  • Crypto options & index
  • Limit orders
  • Snipe presales & liquidity pools

Moon App allows to simultaneously trade from multiple wallets in a decentralized, non-custodial way, while taking advantage of the cutting-edge trading tools.

Multi-Wallet Trading

Moon App allows to simultaneously trade from multiple wallets in a decentralized, non-custodial way, while taking advantage of the cutting-edge trading tools.

With 250k+ downloads across App + Play store (60% MoM growth), Moon App builds the most important mass user onramp to web3 startups on Injective.

Make money on-chain with the 1st Launchpad SuperApp

Marketmakers and VCs extract billions from retail traders every year by using advanced tools - that the average trader can’t access.

For the first time ever, the smart algorithms - sandwiching, sniping, and other bots - are available to you.

You get points for each action in the app: inviting friends, placing limit orders, snipes, and sandwiches. Log in every day to collect a daily boost and multiply your airdrop points.

Complete daily tasks for exponential point boosts.

Invite friends & get up to 40% of their trading fees (your friends get $25 free).

1 Account, 4 Trading Platforms

What makes Moon App ($APP) Unique?

Moon App brings Automated bots to Retail

Leading fintech products, comprising $500 billion market value, are mobile-first. Mobile SuperApps simplified finance (Alipay), travel (Uber), and social media (WeChat). Mobile app is the go-to medium to attract, maintain and periodically engage millions of users.

However, the altcoin market is experiencing a shift move to on-chain trading. Moon App is the first trading platform that allows for above CEX-grade trading capabilities (fast transactions, limit orders and automation) without taking the custody of the user’s assets.

Moon App is the first altcoin trading solution with a retail-friendly mobile interface. Users sign in without having to manage any crypto private keys: credentials run on your finger print, email, and passcode.

The biggest centralized exchanges already capitalized on mobile-oriented web3 userbase. Binance, OKX, and Coinbase successfully attracted tens of millions of users with their easy-to-use mobile apps.

Moon App Market Potential

Moon App operates in a DeFi trading market where protocols typically do not hold user funds. However, Moon App offers the advantage of automation and tooling that other trading protocols do not have, which is a much easier onboarding experience for new users.

This presupposes a market opportunity for Moon App: with trading infrastructure and level of automation that is comparable to a centralized exchange, but without the need to be exposed to counterparty and centralization risks.

Competitive Matrix

This move towards non-custodial platforms is highlighted by a recently launched centralized exchange EDX Markets, backed by by the biggest firms in traditional finance: Citadel Securities, Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab.

Moon App is the only platform enabling automated, non-custodial altcoin trading with a focus on retail users en masse.

How is Moon App acquiring users?

Earn More With Referrals

What is the $APP Token?

$APP is the native utility token of Moon App, integrated into the experience of the app.

Power Ups & Perks

Buy Backs
APP stakers can vote to use app fees to buy back APP with generated fees.

$APP Burn
APP stakers can vote to use app fees to burn APP acquired via buy-backs.

Staking Yield
$APP stakers can vote to distribute $APP as a staking yield.

Automated Portfolio
$APP holders automate yield by using on-chain trading bots that can sandwich on DEXs, snipe presales & LP pools, and more.

Holders access the privacy layer of the app that allows to protect trades from MEV bot attacks.

$APP Distribution

What are Moon App ($APP) Revenue Streams

Every successful trade and snipe on Moon App collects a 1% fee. Fees are automatically collected once the balance owed exceeds 0.01 BNB or ETH. A share of the revenue is divided among APP token buy-backs, burns, and stalking yield.

On-Chain Revenue

Who is contributing to Moon App?

Moon App Foundation